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Course capacity info no longer available - UVic no longer allows course scraping through netlink account.

As always, do not hesitate to send feedback/suggestions using the contact page! If you don't tell us what you want, you're not going to get it.

Quick Description

Welcome to

This is a site for helping students at UVic plan out course timetables.

Course registration is rarely easy, and the most difficult part is often finding course sections that don't overlap. Every term, many students find themselves manually creating visual representations of their timetable in excel or even on paper, trying to find a schedule that will work.

ScheduleCourses will save you time and stress by making the timetabling part of course registration ridiculously easy, the way it should be.

Check out the demo

No registration necessary. Click the links below to see what typical students in various faculties will be working with after entering their courses.

If you know the course curriculum for another faculty in first or second year, help us out by letting us know so we can include more samples. Send us a message using the contact form.

The Process

1. Sign up for free

Students don't like to pay for stuff. We're not going to try to make you. We wouldn't have paid for something like this either, even though it's awesome and would totally be worth it. If you want to support the site though, we do accept donations through paypal via the donate button at the top right.

We won't sell your email address or do anything else shady like that either. This tool was designed by UVic students tired of the tedious scheduling process, and we just want to prevent needless suffering.

Registration Screenshot

2. Choose your courses

ScheduleCourses offers a quick-entry tool for painlessly adding all the courses you need.

Simply start typing the course subject and number and a helpful box with matching courses will appear to help you find what you're looking for.

Add Course Screenshot

3. Choose Sections

Pick between different sections and see the timetable update live!

This is where the magic happens. The step that you've been craving. No more excel. No more drawings on paper with eraser madness.

Just simple and elegant efficiency.

Use the Generate Schedule button to quickly find a schedule without any overlapping courses. You can then customize the schedule to fit your desires from there.

Try it out on this sample schedule:

Calendar Timetable Screenshot

4. Register

When you're done building a timetable you like, you can view a list of the CRN numbers for your selected course sections to easily enter them in UVic's online registration page.

Sadly, you still need to use UVic's website for this step. It should be relatively painless with the summary of your selected CRNs though.

UVic Course Registration Screenshot

5. Share

Once you've built a schedule you like, you can share it with your friends via a simple link to let them know when you're free and when you're not.

Click here to register and get started now!

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